Thursday, January 18, 2018

Siargao: The Sponsored Looks

Summer is approaching fast enough and you can just simply tell coz I still remember the cold spell this time last year. Oh well, climate change and such.

As for me, I like getting ahead of things so before all the people come flocking to the place because of the self-titled movie (which I must admit I haven't seen yet), I saw a window of opportunity to visit Siargao with a few friends on a budget. Since this is quite a sudden trip (it was booked 2 weeks before), I had to rely on reused items and quick delivery from my partners Rosegal/ Sammydress and Zaful and here's a preview of the with all the items linked.

We made the journey via a stopover at Cebu where my friend Roy is staying. Didn't hurt seeing the place again and getting cheaper fares from the queen city of the south. His place for work isn't bad either with this pool view. Do you still remember this white swimwear from last year? Linked.

taken at Be Resort in Mactan Cebu (see more of the product in this post)

Prior to this trip though, I was able to secure these accessories from Rosegal. They're the perfect beach companions to ensure you look chic by the shore.

Taken at Magpupongko Rock Formation

I didn't have time to shop for rashguards for this trip (or maybe because I was still thinking if it's practical to get one). But luckily, some of the sponsored gym clothing from Zaful and Sammydress are dual purpose. They served me well during surfing.
Taken at Talisay Beach (see more of this product in this post)

Of course, a beach trip wouldn't be complete without the dresses. Here's what I brought from Zaful.

Seems like 2.5 days wasn't enough in the island. Our flight back to Cebu was cancelled and luckily still got some extra 'fit to shoot. Like this swimwear that matched my sponsored skirt from Zaful. ;)

Taken at Cloud 9 Siargao (see more of this skirt here)

Lastly, remember this swimwear from last summer. I didn't get the chance to use for beachin' so yay! 

Taken at Naked Island. See more of this swimwear here

This nautical stripes bag from Sammydress also held all my important stuff for my airport looks. 

P.S. All styling are by yours truly. This post was made in collaboration with Rosegal, Sammydress and Zaful. You may use RosegalChenSammydressChen and ZafulChen to have additional 10%-20% off. :)

Thursday, January 11, 2018

#TrioThursday: #TimesUp

Three unposted black on black looks in line with the recent Golden Globes' movement. My favorite looks were that of Diane Kruger, Dakota Johnson and Kendall Jenner's after-party look. Who's yours? ;)

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Hello, Yellow

So, Pantone declared that Ultra Violet is 2018’s color of the year. Riiiggghhtt. And as of last year, many celebs were already quick to adapt to the trend. It was seen in S/S 2018 runway (along with many other spring colors though) mainly in the form of lavender but one key color also stood out in most of the collections – yellow.

It’s been three years ago since I realized that a mellow yellow dress is also flattering to my skin tone when I first featured it here. Last year though, I got more comfortable with the hue as there were quite a few more added to my wardrobe as seen here. And now, here’s a loud egg yolk color from Rosegal that instantly caught my eye upon checking their collection. It’s a minimalist fit-and-flare dress featuring spaghetti straps that simply screams sunshine and optimism and just seasonally appropriate. What’s not to love?

Lavender, being a close relative of Millennial Pink, may look more appealing to this generation but while it’s still early to call it, I’m quite positive that this will be more popular than Pantone’s declaration? Just look at last year’s Greenery vs Red. :P And besides, what with all the things happening in this world, we all need more yellows in our lives. Right, Chris Martin? ;)

Oh, I've linked also below the bag from Sammydress that kinda reminds you of the future Duchess' look, right? ;)

P.S. All styling are by yours truly. This post was made in collaboration with Rosegal and Sammydress. You may use RosegalChen and SammydressChen to have additional 10%-20% off. :)

Friday, January 5, 2018

Tiny Cats

With a recent peeling procedure done on my face for "rejuvenation" purposes, I just know that this trend of itty bitty eyewear is more impractical to me than say, the next health-conscious stylemonger. But if you see them all the rage in streetstyles or from style icons themselves, Hadid sisters, they're just so hard to ignore. 

With some articles labeling them as "throwback essentials", these '90s-inspired cateye sunnies were shrunk to a tiny size and came coated with a range of colors as seen from the S/S 2018 catwalks. Are the tinted hues safe from eye fatigue though? 🤷Perhaps it's the reason why, the best way to wear them is to actually bring them down your eyes. That is to say, totally not covering your eyes. Haha! But in a totally cool way if you know what I mean...

All practicality aside, this trend is just too good to pass up. And if they come from a good price such as this red pair below from @sleekcollective, it can be fun to try one or maybe more? This just goes to show how sunglasses have been upgraded from UV-protecting accessories to essential statement making elements. This style is just expected to become even bigger in the coming months though so I shall miss the secretive stalking my oversized black sunnies affords me for some time... 😅

Dress/ Shoes: Mango; Hat: Rosegal; Bag: Merci Paris

Dress: Zaful; Earrings: Mango; Shoes: Rubi

Top/Bag/Shoes/Belt: Mango; Skirt: Unbranded

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Postcards from South Batan

Batanes - a breathtaking blue and green wonderland. A place that lets you believe that postcards are real. Let's start 2018 with a #travelinspo ayt? If you've never been to this place, I highly recommend it for your 2018 #travelgoals. 

Funny, I almost never made this trip if not for my brother barging in my room at 4AM to get something leaving me with just enough time to gather my things and book an Uber for a 6AM flight. Yay! It's probably my first flight without uhmm shower but thankfully, the tour at 9AM gave me enough time to prepare after the 1h-hr flight. The first day started with a tour of South Batan, the most inhabited island of Batanes. Here goes...

Chawa View Deck. On the way out of Basco the capital, the first stopover of South Batan tour is this lookout of the West Philippine Sea. From here you can take 100 steps down so you can the adjacent cliff to enjoy the rocky coast below. If I could go back to Batanes again (please, please!), I would schedule a visit here during sunset. 

Mahatao Shelter Port. Studying the pictures before the trip, it seemed to me like an ordinary boring port for boat docking (lol, sorry!) but when I got there, I was quite stunned of its appeal in person. It's basically an infrastructure for supporting the fishing industry and safeguarding the marine resources of Batanes and yep, a must-see! ;)

Hedgerows. This wasn't actually part of the tour but I just had to ask my tour guide to stop for a photo-op on the way to the next stopover. What a labyrinth!

Tayid Lighthouse. This modern 21st century structure was built on the opposite side of Batan island facing the Pacific Ocean. There's just something so charming about lighthouses with their red and white painting and the view they offer, no? This sentinel is not available for climbing though but the other one is - Basco Lighthouse in my next post. :)

Mount Iraya. Standing at 1,009m, this active volcano's presence is imposing (it's the first sight that greets you at the airport) and is considered one very important landmark for the Ivatans.

Marlboro Country (Racuh A Payaman). The name was given by the American tourists but it didn't strike me as landscape for a cigarette advertisement (ugh!). Seriously, they should change this name. The very thought of associating its fresh air to smoke, it's repulsive. 😤 

This is actually where the set lunch is served for the tour and later that day, I was informed that this is where the Anne Curtis "supposedly" chose to get married (which we know we didn't happen). But from the actual location in Wellington, I could surmise that this was an option. Up until that time I traveled, mobile data (of any network!) is not available in Batanes. I know, I can't believe I survived two days either, haha! But if I wanted solemn without mobile interruptions, I'd totally do it here and in colder months. (Groom, please? Haha!)

I traveled solo on this trip and since I didn't wanna join a big crowd, I opted to get Kuya Dale's (+639176197009) tour service. He does it in this unique trike with the cogon-roof style that's imported from Sabtang island (see post here). It maybe not so skin-friendly (slather on sunscreen) but I love that it's very stylish and that he took all these amazing photos. :)

Top: Zaful; Skirt: Zara; Shoes: H&M

Saturday, December 30, 2017

17 of 2017

It was hard to narrow it down but in no particular order, here are my chosen 17 best looks for 2017. Have a great 2018 everyone! :)